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Nicknamed the "Gateway to the Rocky Mountains," Aurora, Co., is the state's third largest city and known for its relaxing atmosphere, scenic views and beautiful scenery. Besides the urban core, there are many smaller towns that traverse the country from border to border. Aurora is home to one of Colorado's most popular tourist destinations, and many travelers dream of staying at the Gaylord hotels and resorts.

The Post - secondary colleges in the area include Colorado State University, University of Colorado - Boulder and College of the Rockies. While Fort Collins is the largest city in Colorado with a population of about 1.5 million people, Pueblo has the second largest population after Denver with about 2.3 million.

You can enjoy the comedy, drama and musicals at Aurora's Fox Arts Center. For indoor entertainment, the Aurora History Museum offers traveling exhibits that change frequently and take you back time and time again. Visit it to see exhibits about the city's past and present, or stop by to visit the traveling exhibition, which changes often.

For more information about Aurora's cultural events and attractions, visit the City of Aurora, Colorado website here or on Facebook here.

Buckley Air Force Base is currently in Aurora and is responsible for what locals call "golf balls." The National Archives Denver branch is located in Broomfield, the Federal Center in Lakewood, and Buckley Air Force Base is located outside Aurora.

Although Aurora is not listed as a location, the memorial park is still on the edge of southeast Denver, which most people still consider Aurora's 2601 South Havana Street. It was originally opened in central Aurora but moved in 2013 and is the only one of its kind in the entire state of Colorado.

There is also the Golden Triangle creative district, a culturally stimulating neighborhood that is home to eight Denver museums, including the Denver Art Museum. There is also Lakewood, located south of Aurora on the east side of the Colorado River, north of Interstate 25.

Aurora is home to 11 championship courses, including six owned and managed by the City of Aurora. Since Fitzsimons began staying in the area in 1918, Aurora has a proud and long history of military presence. While Colorado Springs was the site of the first US military base in Colorado, Fort Collins, Aurora has had military facilities since the late 19th century.

But I was surprised to learn that Aurora, Colorado, was not incorporated as a gold-mining city until 1884, more than 100 years after Denver was founded. In 1907, Aurora became a city on an area of four square kilometers of prairie, which is now located directly on the site of the new children's hospital. The city of Aurora became one of America's fastest-growing cities in the 1970s and 1980s.

Aurora has seen an influx of new families, but some families have been there a long time and have been behaving as if they were not good neighbors from the start. Stapleton was built just off the northwest border of Aurora, and Aurora has been divided into the northern and southern auroras in recent decades, with the southern aurora claiming the title of "Southern Aurora," which many locals say is a great place to start a family. Due to this lack of cooperation, it was decided that Aurora should have its own police department, the Aurora Police Department (APD).

Would you like the federal government to investigate the Aurora Police Department? To remedy this, the Aurora Planning Department has launched an initiative to gather ideas from citizens who can guide land use and development policies for the next 10 to 20 years. Planning for Aurora Places "is the framework question of what draws people to Aurora to motivate them to work and live in the city.

If you are looking for ethnically diverse restaurants, there are more than 100 different restaurants to choose from in the city of Aurora. Since 2012, the City of Aurora has published a restaurant guide called YUM AURORA. In 2017, OIIA was recognized by the National League of Cities for its work to promote cultural diversity in Aurora, and better collaboration could help our city sell to people seeking international experience outside of the Denver metropolitan area.

Denver is a true art Mecca, including the River North Art District (RiNo), located north of downtown Denver. Denver is the second largest arts district in the USA after New York City and a hub for the Denver art scene. The Santa Fe Art District is the center of Denver's art scene, but expanded to southwest Aurora in 2006. As for public transportation, the Aurora area is served by the MetroLink system, a high-speed rail system between Denver and Denver International Airport, and by the Colorado Transit Authority.

Aurora is a great place to live and work compared to the rising cost of living in Denver, and many immigrants open restaurants and become small business owners. Denver may be only a minute away, but it is only a few miles away, making it a great choice for a weekend getaway for families with small children.

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