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This is a must for families in the Denver metro area, as it takes place on the first Saturday of the month from October to November at the Colorado Zoo in Aurora. There is something for everyone, and the day will also include live animal demonstrations, a free live animal event, live music and a pig performance. The Boo Zoo will host families - oriented entertainment with over 25 trick or treat stations that children can visit.

The event will be held at the Colorado Zoo in Aurora, just blocks from the Aurora Convention Center. Check insurance coverage, hire security guards, remove expensive goods, bring cash to the bank, enter windows and door grilles, install window grilles and close all roads in the area.

Bring non-perishable food to donate to the SHARE project and get a free trick - or a treat bag for your little ones. On the Facebook page of the Aurora History Museum you can find instructions and reading suggestions on the topic of the month. Get free craft materials at the museum while stocks last, or craft a craft if you have a house.

In this program, children learn letters and numbers, sing songs, work on fine and gross motor skills and develop early literacy skills via Facebook Live and YouTube. If you are under 18 years of age, make sure you have permission from a legal guardian to participate in the online program. Join Latoya Prante's free travel training from DRMAC where she will train you to drive her free travel app, including downloading the app and applying for income-based rebate programs.

Please email justinclark @ for more information about this event and other events in the area.

Help us by participating in our support and membership programs that enable us to keep Denver behind a paywall! We have several other venues, including the Denver Convention Center and Denver International Airport Shuttles, which total 950,000 square feet. Our friendly staff works in hotels in the area to provide an ideal experience for event planners, providing access to a variety of events and events in the Aurora region and providing useful tools to get around the city. We offer free services to help you find events, venues and accommodation and to provide an inviting experience.

The dispensary is home to a host of household names from the local craft beer scene, promoted by some of Denver's most popular breweries as well as a number of local breweries.

In addition to tricks - or treatments - children can enjoy a variety of Halloween-themed events that promise fun and festivity, rather than creepy or creepy. Many child-friendly events take place throughout the year, so families can find a variety of uses for smart Halloween costumes. A full list of events and further information on their events can be found in the events calendar on their website.

E-mail log - instructions are sent at the time of the meeting along with the scheduled start time of the program. At this point, an e-mail instruction will be sent out for registration, as well as the schedule of the event itself.

Copies of Green Ember can be collected from any location in the Aurora Public Library, and copies of APL can be kept as gifts by patrons. You can pick up copies from any Aurora public library or pick them up at any of our locations. Copies of AP librarians in Aurora, as well as copies from other libraries in the Aurora area, are open to all patrons who keep them as gifts.

Grab your kids, put on a great costume, go for a hay ride, jump on a giant pillow and enjoy some of the safest Halloween festivals our city has to offer. This tradition begins at O'Brien Park with a free Halloween parade, hay rides, pumpkin carving and more. Ride the ponies and romp through the maze of corn as you explore the incredible maze mazes. Don't worry about traffic, Parker Police will be at your and your family's disposal throughout the evening.

On Saturday, October 31, spend the morning at Southlands with your kids doing trick or treating with the family on Main Street. The event starts at 3: 30 p.m. at Southland Elementary School and we offer a free Halloween parade, hay rides, pumpkin carving and more.

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