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A month of empty rooms and discounted rates is catching up with hotel owners in Denver and across the country. As of December 5, the last day of the first full week of December in the US, Metro Denver hotels filled every third room, according to hotel statistics compiled by STR. That is 116 fewer than 17 years ago, a 34% drop. The number of rooms available for rent or rent in hotels stood at 1.2 million at the end of last month, 3.5% down on the same period last year.

Even taking into account the fact that these estimates were inflated to encourage Congress to support them, conditions in the hospitality industry are as grim as ever. If bookings don't pick up, Denver's hotel industry seems particularly vulnerable. One of the largest hotels in the country with more than 1,000 rooms, the Sheraton Denver has the largest number of rooms available for rent in any Denver hotel. But the property has a large portion of its space, which is mostly used for business meetings, which is not happening, and will likely be the last segment of the travel market to return.

If these services are well delivered, this will lead to more bookings, transfers and repeat business. Guests have had a good experience during their stay at the hotel and leave positive comments and reviews online. They recommend the property to family and friends and recommend it to family or friends. This is proof that our hotel team exceeded our expectations and provided a great experience for our guests, our staff and our customers.

The brand has done a great job of implementing sophisticated algorithms to guide pricing and sales strategies, Manley added, and there is an improved booking phase. Stonebridge Companies has aggressively invested in and implemented algorithms - based staffing and scheduling solutions to help our team members, "Manley said. The team will often ask the hotel's GM to explain the reasons for the project, said Mike O'Neill, EVP of Marketing and Marketing for the Colorado Sheraton Hotel. I am always looking for investments that will enhance both the guest experience and the value of our property, "said David D'Amato, COO of StoneBridge Companies, a Denver-based property, management and development rights company.

There is no end in sight to the labour shortage at the hotel, and PM Hotel Group is investing money in technologies that will allow the hotel to be more efficient without compromising the human element of the service, he said. Bojanowski said that guests constantly want tech - delivered check-in, check-out and other services, such as the ability to check in and out.

Clancy sees most cities losing hotel capacity, including Denver, while overbuilt markets like New York could transform real estate into other uses, he said. Introducing even larger hotels could help Denver recapture some of the cities it lost, such as Chicago and San Diego, because they have huge hotels that can accommodate huge blocks of convention-goers, Benton said. But not all. The growing leisure population, for example, is creating demand for independent, softly branded hotels, which are more popular than corporate chains, and younger travelers who want a unique experience for their city when they want to earn points for future trips, Dunn says.

As more hotels with 250 to 400 rooms go online, cities need differentiation features that can appeal to planners of major events, he said. But many hotel operators, eager to maintain market share in a competitive environment that includes a rush of alternatives like Airbnb, are opting to keep the rate hikes below today's higher price - sensitive visitors and slightly lower profit margins. In an e-mail interview, the Maryland-based management company said its company serves on advisory boards and boards for major brands and its policies are generally consistent with the objectives of the owners.

Achieving a perfect overall service is not as easy as it sounds, but it is important that the hotel team is properly trained in all departments and is committed to ensuring that guests have a great experience. Using team members to create a positive guest experience, rather than relying solely on the physical hotel product, is a safe way to avoid bad encounters that can lead guests to look elsewhere for their accommodation needs. Apply these strategies and standards to your hotel and your team will find that 100% total services are actually possible. Maintaining consistency is becoming a habit year after year, and it's important that the hotel team is properly trained in each department and role and is committed to ensuring that each guest has greater experience, he said.

Recovery from leisure travel is likely to be the first and strongest, so your property must be prepared to buy a vaccine that will mark a turnaround in development.

With the Denver area adding more than 9,000 hotel rooms in three productive years, 2020 represents a break for operators to breathe a sigh of relief and review their long-term plans for the next few years. At the beginning of the year, the Magnolia Hotel was 75% full and over budget. Bookings rebounded in the summer, with 90% of bookings coming from business trips, which many downtown hotels rely on.

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