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The protest began after the death of a young woman at the hands of police in Aurora, Colorado on Tuesday, April 26.

Peaceful protesters gathered outside the Aurora Community Center and closed Interstate 225 as they marched in support of McClain, who fell into a coma and died after being placed in a chokehold by police in Aurora on Aug. A group of musicians playing powerful instruments in honor of McClain joined the increasingly angry crowd that was pushed away from the police department by some Aurora police officers. Thousands also gathered to demand justice for Michael Brown, a 23-year-old black man who died in a clash with police in Aurora, Colorado.

After Aurora police warned protesters not to approach the ministry, musicians began playing outside the Aurora Municipal Center. I listened to my daughter and her best friend tune their violins and muster the courage to approach the stage area.

As the sun set over the mountains and darkness engulfed the city of Aurora, the musicians hoped that their act of remembrance would shed further light on the arrest and death of Elijah McClain. Aurora police officers were preparing for a news conference on the anniversary of the death of McClains, a 22-year-old black man with mental health problems who died last August after being arrested by Aurora police.

Some even brandish batons and fire projectiles, "the class-action lawsuit, which names the Aurora police, the city of Aurora and other police officers as defendants, reads. Responding to criticism of the officers' handling of the protest, an Aurora Police Department spokesman told the Denver Channel station that a small group of people broke through the fence, armed themselves with rocks and sticks and threw water bottles at the officers. The Aurorapolice tweeted that it did not use tear gas in last night's protests but declined to use smoke to clear the demonstrators.

For the reasons set out in this opinion, I believe that Apollo Skyline and its related provisions, as applicable to them, violate the Colorado Liquor Control Act and the Aurora Municipal Code. The City of Aurora and Aurora have established sales taxes on ApolloSkyline in accordance with state sales tax laws and regulations and the City's tax code.

The Aurora police pushed almost all the demonstrators away from the police department and downtown, allowing the musicians and listeners to stay. Several members of the Aurora City Council observed the heavy police presence, some of whom complained that Aurora Police Department officials had not responded adequately to the protest.

The afternoon event split into smaller groups, some of which offered their own music, dividing the crowd and causing confusion. When a member of the Aurora Police Department's public relations department asked them if they were interested in the publication, the crowd responded with cheers and applause. The heroes listened attentively, and some spoke to the seated crowd, but not to those in the background.

At the rally on the lawn of the Aurora Community Center, the quiet violin music contrasted with officers in riot gear who sprayed pepper spray into the crowd. The scene was surreal and chaotic as musicians who were supposed to play the violin for the vigil passed the police - in gear - while chains of music blew the sound of devastation. Blake Jackson, another participant, recalled that police assumed they were surrounding those who were simply sitting on a lawn listening to music, some of whom had children in tow. At least three officers from the Aurora Police Department were present that day, and nearly all remained in tactical gear for hours.

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He played with some of Denver's best bands, including Hot Lunch and Freddie Henchie Band, and toured with many of Denver's best bands of the late 80s and early 90s. He plays in a variety of genres including blues, country, rock, folk, jazz, hip-hop, soul and more. Josh Quat is one of Colorado's most talented guitarists, songwriters and musicians. Greg has worked with and been the opening act for a number of great musicians in Denver, Colorado and around the world, including John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa, Bill Kreutzmann and many others, as well as many other local artists.

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