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Colorado is almost well known - for its breweries, but Aurora is no stranger to the beer scene. The good access for travelers, combined with the outdoor craft beer market, has attracted nearly 32 million visitors to Aurora in the past five years, according to the Colorado Department of Tourism.

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association's annual survey, sales are down in 91% of restaurants, with 75% saying they would consider closing or going without a restaurant.

In Colorado, restaurant and restaurant workers make up 10% of the state's workforce, but it is the industry that has been hardest hit. More people live and work in restaurants in Aurora than in any other city in the country, compared with the rising cost of living in Denver. Many immigrants have become small business owners and opened restaurants in Aurora, with four new restaurants opening this year, according to Mark D'Amico, president and CEO of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce. Diners will have the opportunity to sample participating restaurants, starting with the opening of Carm's Gia Metropolitan, which will be located at the corner of Colorado Boulevard and Colorado Avenue, just north of Interstate 25.

The cuisine of Aurora is as varied as its size suggests, but you can also find the classic dishes of Colorado. There is also Nile Ethiopia, where you should try the braised chicken, and Addis Ababa, which is one of the few places in Colorado where you can have a proper East African breakfast. In Aurora, there will be a variety of food trucks, from cafes and grocery stores to specialty stores that will sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to artisanal coffee and coffee and beverages.

When it comes to food, Aurora has a variety of restaurants, and guests can find everything from burgers to steaks at different prices. There's Funny Plus, which had its fair share of fried chicken, but this is one of the first of its kind in Aurora. If you want to make your food fun, each table has a mini juke box, so the tunes are cheap and the menu offers plenty of options for kids who aren't afraid of it.

Great live music plays in the centre of the restaurant and guests are invited to enjoy happy hour, where half-price cocktails are offered and piano is often played and live bands are performed for entertainment. One of the biggest attractions of this restaurant is the huge selection of pans, served in a variety of styles from which customers can choose. Baba Pop consists of pulled pork, chicken, pork ribs, beef, lamb and pork chops to choose from, as well as a wide range of salads, sandwiches and side dishes.

If you're looking for a sit-down restaurant or something quick, something different from your typical fast food experience, then the Butterchicken is worth a stop. Elote Correado in El Bombon was to be the first stop for all Denver street food and snack addicts. Mariscos El Licenciado is one of the most popular restaurants in the city, and one that you should definitely visit if you want a tasty plate of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more.

A few doors down is Seoul BBQ Hot Pot, known for what the name suggests, hot pot, but with a much more casual, casual feel.

If you fancy a fajita, there are several choices, but I recommend the fajitas Acapulco. The menu offers exactly what you expect: fried burgers, tacos and a selection of traditional dishes that you can try at La Costa. Be sure to try the catfish and the fried chicken, because this is the best you will ever eat in your life.

Tacos la Morenita is considered the best, but there are specialties that turn every evening, such as chicken and pork tacos and hot dogs. Denver and Aurora are famous for their green chilli and have a number of restaurants serving spicy, meaty dishes.

What these four new companies have in common, according to Amonick and the City of Aurora, is that they are all interested in promoting the diversity of local food supply. These small restaurants are more than just mom-and-pop shops; together they form a veritable United Nations food organization and invite everyone to try out their exceptional cuisine. If all goes well, Aurora will continue this pilot program to support more small restaurants in the years ahead. Many of these restaurants are just a short walk from each other, whether you are taking an Uber or taking the light rail from the Aurora Transit Center on Aurora Ave.

The covered courtyard of the Lafayette Community will remain open, but with the loss of indoor dining, the restaurant will only have seating on the terrace for on-go orders. Rossi will reduce his staff to about 12, focus on takeout and not bother eating a handful of people outside when the weather gets colder. The restaurant is changing its menu to prepare for most of the delivery times.

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